Pre-Hire to PreWork Screen Services

Real Solutions

Pre-hire to retire services to ensure you hire the right employee for the job.

Employer Services

WorkWell is the leader in pre-hire to retire productivity solutions for soft tissue (musculoskeletal) wellness. WorkWell takes cost out of your organization, and makes managing your workforce and your workforce budget more sure and predictable.

We focus on prevention, early intervention and return to work/other activities solutions serviced by an international team of credentialed, WorkWell trained physical and occupational therapists. We customize programs and solutions to your particular needs.

Helping Companies

  • Helping employees to safely return to work/other activities when they have been off work due to an injury/illness, whether that injury/illness is incurred on or off the job.
  • Hire people physically qualified to do the job.
  • Teach your employees to safely perform the job, avoid injury/illness and stay at work through an injury/illness or disability.

WorkWell Service Features & Benefits:

  • Scheduling within 72 hours.
  • Electronic resulting.
  • Provider locating and credentialing takes the guesswork out of locating industrially trained therapists.
  • 10,000 trained providers means we have someone near your remotest locations.
  • No litigation in company history.
  • Biddle reviewed reduces ADA and OFCCP risk.
  • Electronic records simplifies record keeping and creates an audit trail for process improvement.
  • Multi industry experience.
  • Mayo and Johns Hopkins use methodology.
  • Comprehensive monthly reporting.
  • Actuarially developed outcome analysis assures accurate objective measurement.
  • Gain sharing reduces financial risk.
  • Foto grading system for therapists helps employers measure a therapist’s effectiveness.