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  • Build your practice with confidence.
  • Purchase, Train and Become a Member.
  • Certified Work Injury/Illness Management and Prevention Skills.
  • Proprietary programs and protocols based on clinical and statistical research.

WorkWell Quality Providers

WorkWell provides therapists and medical professionals with proven, best practice work injury/illness prevention and management solutions.  Purchase of our programs includes the protocols, hands on training and certification, web-based software and on-going technical, clinical and marketing support.

WorkWell drives business to our providers.  We have national contracts for FCEs and a growing corporate client list of employers that use WorkWell Quality Providers for PreWork Screens and Return to Work Screens.

WorkWell Systems proprietary programs and protocols have been developed using both clinical and statistical research resulting in the most scientifically accurate and outcome orientated results available. With over 20 years of experience working with healthcare professionals and employers in the design-development and implementation of successful work injury/illness prevention and management systems, occupational and physical therapists can build their practices with confidence.

WorkWell Quality Providers are professionals that have purchased and trained in WorkWell’s copyrighted programs.

An International Reputation

WorkWell Systems programs and services are highly respected and requested by employers, payers, managed care organizations, healthcare professionals, attorneys, governmental agencies, employees and others involved in work injury/illness management.

WorkWell Systems has an international faculty that performs and publishes groundbreaking research in employee disability.