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1. What are the national costs for employee compensation claims?

Up to $80 billion is spent annually on employees compensation in loss prevention, direct claims and administration.

2. How much can the combination of injury/illness prevention and early intervention programs save?

Companies that really commit to approaching employees compensation as a quality problem that can be solved, experience savings of 50-90% on direct employees compensation costs.

3. How is WorkWell Prevention and Care different than other solutions providers?

WorkWell Prevention and Care views employees compensation as a quality problem that is both measurable and preventable. Its clients represent some of the nation’s leading companies-- who have applied key quality improvement and Six Sigma techniques throughout the enterprise. These same methodologies are embedded in WorkWell’s products, producing significant reductions in on-the-job injuries/illnesses, employees compensation costs, turnover and related productivity losses.

4. What does WorkWell Prevention and Care really do?

WorkWell provides tools, training, and experienced professionals to design and implement employees compensation programs that create real value for both employers and employees.

These tools and techniques include systems for: pre-work screening, risk-of-injury/illness assessments, injury/illness prevention, ergonomic interventions, job analysis and job modification, and disability management as well as comprehensive stay-at-work/return-to-work/other activities programs.

Then, WorkWell links it all with proprietary data management software - a series of internet-enabled software products - that works in conjunction with the services performed by WorkWell professionals as well as with on-site staff.

5. What occupational health methodology does WorkWell Prevention and Care use to manage injury/illness prevention and management?

WorkWell Prevention and Care has been in the forefront of clinical support of employee health and employers' employee compensation processes for over 15 years both in the US and internationally. Its proprietary programs and protocols have been developed using both clinical and statistical research resulting in the most scientifically correct and outcome orientated results available.

6. Who performs the functional testing and job assessments at the workplace?

A 10,000-strong national network of certified physical and occupational therapists provide employers with the best, most cost-effective solutions for systematically managing, measuring and reducing workplace injuries/illnesses. The provider network uses the proprietary and proven WorkWell Prevention and Care methodology to design customized pre-work physical screening and post-injury/illness return-to-work/other activities plans that reduce injury/illness-related costs and improve employees’ safety and productivity.

7. What areas of the country does WorkWell Prevention and Care service?

A large and growing network spans the country and can provide service to major metropolitan areas as well as most regions throughout the US and Internationally. To locate a specific provider area, call the toll free number: 866-WWS-WORKS (866) 997-9675.

8. Who are WorkWell Prevention and Care clients?

WorkWell Prevention and Care clients include Fortune 500 organizations across a variety of industries including transportation, manufacturing, warehouse and healthcare.

9. How can businesses be sure they are in compliance with current regulations?

WorkWell Systems complies with ADA, EEOC, OSHA and other government requirements. As a leader in occupational health research, the company is constantly seeking to improve systems and address all areas of industrial health and safety.

10. How can we know if WorkWell will offer our company a new way of a managing employees compensation risk that will reduce injuries/illnesses and save money?

Call WorkWell Prevention and Care and see how we can help you reduce your employees compensation risk, reduce injury/illness and save your company money. 866-WWS-WORKS (866) 997-9675