Musculoskeletal Injury

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Issues Employers Face

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Issues employers face today:

  • "My employees aren’t physically capable to do the jobs they were hired for."
  • "I seem to be hiring people that my competitor already rejected."
  • "My recently hired employees have a high likelihood of being hurt in their first year of work."
  • "The therapists I use aren’t trained in industrial and occupational rehabilitation and they may create additional expense - and risk - for my company."
  • "I don’t know if my providers are qualified and effective. How can I be assured that my providers are giving me the greatest amount of benefit for the least possible cost?"
  • "My cost of injuries increase each year."
  • "I worry about high risk of litigation relating to injuries and regulatory compliance."
  • "My absenteeism rates are skyrocketing."
  • "I want to reassign injured employees to other job functions. How do I know if they are capable?"