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Buffalo Ergonomics OT Services PLLC WW Screens Significantly Reduce Injuries

WQP: Jamie Orrange, OT and Mary Orrange, OT
Company: Buffalo Ergonomics OT Services PLLC
Location: Buffalo, NY

WorkWell speaks with Jamie Orrange and Mary Orrange, OT's at Buffalo Ergonomics. Jamie and Mary talk about their 15 years experience as WorkWell providers and successes with the WorkWell programs.
Q:  How long have you been a WW Provider and what programs are you trained in?
A:  Our clinic has been a provider for 15 years.  We were trained in FCE, FJA/FJD, and Prework Screening.

Q:  How many trained staff and what are their medical specialties?
A:  All 5 of our registered occupational therapists have been trained.
Q:  How have you used the programs?  Internally?  Externally?
A:  We are a free standing industrial rehab program.  The majority of our FCE referrals come from physicians and are related to worker's compensation injuries & their insurance carriers.  Reasons for referrals vary from identifying physical abilities, evaluating return to work vs. participation in work conditioning.    Most recently a large number of referrals are related to assisting the physicians with the mandated NYS permanency ratings (approximately 50 FCEs are completed each month).
Our clinic does post offer pre-employment screens for industrial & human services organizations (30-35 per month).  These screens are completed both in our clinic and on-site at the potential employer.
We also are involved in early intervention on site ergonomic assessments of employees in their work environments to prevent injuries.
Q:  How do you market?
A:  The majority of our referrals come from physicians who refer to our clinic based on the quality of our evaluations, generally "word of mouth".
Some referrals come directly from the employers, insurance carriers and attorneys because of the quality of our evaluations, once again "word of mouth"
Q:  Can you mention by name (or employment sector) some of the employers you work with?
A:  Utility companies, food processing plants, roll up trailer door plant, trucking companies, medical and human services organizations.
Q:  What kind of feedback have you gotten from the clients you work with using WW programs?  How have they benefited? (reduced injury, reduced costs, etc.)
A:  Post offer pre-employment screens have significantly reduced injuries for the employer that utilize them.
Yearly we provide employers using this service with the number of individuals who have met and not met the screens, this is correlated to their past injury rate and has identified how successful pre-employment testing is.
Pre-employment screens and FCEs test blood pressure.  On average six individuals per month are identified as having high BP and referred back to their physicians (life saving).
Our feedback for the programs has been very positive.
Q:  Do you use FJA for purposes other than developing FJDs?
A:  No.
Q:  Where do most of your referrals come from?
A:   In order from high referrals to low, they come from MDs, vocational counselors, insurance carrier/nurse case managers, attorneys (both plaintiff & defense), individuals who pay privately (applying for SSD and their medical insurance does not cover FCEs), disability FCEs referred by WW.